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Agne Serpytyte

Agnė Šerpytytė


I’ve been a wordsmith and a storyteller for as long as I can remember.

When I was eight, I wrote my first poem (it rhymed). When I was thirteen, I started my sci-fi novel about colonies on Mars expecting to win the Nobel Prize for Literature for it (I didn’t). My professional career brought me into a different kind of storytelling world – the world of marketing. For the last ten years, I’ve conjured stories about various brands, from cars to cosmetics, and from manufacturing to, most recently, the space industry.

I never stopped writing – my fiction folder is filled with short stories, articles, and a few (unfinished) novels. Once I had the epiphany that I could join my passion for writing, film, and TV, I attempted (and finished!) writing a screenplay. My first teleplay, a sci-fi action drama “Nexus: Contract breach,” was selected as a finalist in Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards. From then on, my projects were finalists in various other European and international screenplay competitions (NEM Zagreb TV writing contest 2019 and 2020, Golden Script Competition 2019, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2020). These early successes have encouraged me to pursue a professional screenwriting career.

I am currently working on series and film projects with Red Pony Pictures/Saxonia Media, Odeon Fiction, Hager Moss, and a martial arts feature for the Chinese market.

USP: lots of nerdy knowledge about science and space, can speak Russian and Chinese.

Agnė writes and develops screenplays in English.


Agnė Šerpytytė: Screenwriter

Agent:  Marinus Viktor

Contact:  +49 (0) 160 5955 631

Agnė Šerpytytė: Screenwriter

Agent:  Marinus Viktor

Contact:  +49 (0) 160 5955 631

In Development (Selection)


Format:  Series, 10 x 30 min
Genre: Workplace Comedy
Screenplay: Agnė Šerpytytė
Production:  DRIVE beta GmbH

Format: Feature, 90min
Genre: Hacker-Thriller
Screenplay: Agnė Šerpytytė, Paul Bullinger
Production: Hager Moss Film GmbH

Marketing Girls
Format: Series, 6 x 30 min
Genre: Comedy
Screenplay: Agnė Šerpytytė, Lu Traumann
Production: Saxonia Media Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH
Festivals & Awards:
– L.A. Screenplay Awards – Semi-finalist
– Finalist at NEM Zagreb 2020

Open Order
Format: Series, 6 x 60 min
Genre: Thriller, Young Adult Drama
Screenplay: Agnė Šerpytytė, Lu Traumann
Production: Odeon Fiction GmbH

Blue Team
Format: Series, 8 x 60 min
Genre: Crime
Screenplay: Agnė Šerpytytė, Lu Traumann
Production: TBD